Arctic Mosque

In 2010, Inuvik’s growing Muslim population decided it was time for a new mosque to replace their small trailer. The Muslim community at the time was between 80 to 100 people, and the cost of a new building was very high. Abdullah Muhammed purchased two lots in Inuvik, and then the Muslim community reached out to every Muslim organization in Canada to help, finally finding support from the Manitoba-based Zoubaida Tallab Foundation.

The new mosque was built in Winnipeg and travelled over 4,000 km to Inuvik. It travelled by semi-trailer to Hay River, almost tipping off a bridge at Reindeer Creek, and then made the last barge of the season to float 1,800 km down the Mackenzie River to its destination. It arrived almost two weeks later to an exuberant crowd.

“This is what Canada is all about,” said Hussain Guisti, head of the foundation. “It shows the welcomeness of Canada, it shows the tolerance of Canada, it shows we’re multicultural, we’re diverse.”

Inuvik’s Muslim community enjoys a bigger, more permanent place to gather, practice, and share their culture. Known as ‘The Midnight Sun Mosque,’ it is part of the tourist experience in Inuvik as the northernmost mosque in the world!